International Journal of Modern Computation, Information and Communication Technology

ISSN 2581-5954

March 2019, Vol. 2, Issue 3, p. 10-13.​​

Smart Cultivation using IOT
V. Vignesh, S. Muthukaruppaiah, V. Kalaiyarasan, R. Prasath, D. R. Saranya
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,Arasu Engineering College, Kumbakonam – 612501. India.
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IOT is a revolutionary technology that represents the future of computing and communications. Most of the people around the world depend on agriculture. Because of this reason smart IT technologies are needed to migrate with traditional agricultural methods. Using modern technologies, we can control the cost, maintenance and monitoring the performances of the crops. Satellite and aerial imagery play a vital role in modern cultivation. Precision agricultural sensor monitoring network that is used to measure the information effectively, like temperature, humidity, soil PH, soil nutrition levels, water level etc. So, with the help of IOT, farmers can monitor the crops remotely via phones and computers. In this paper, we have surveyed some typical applications of agricultural IOT sensor monitoring network technologies using Cloud computing as a backbone. This survey is used to understand the different technologies and used to build sustainable smart agriculture. Simple IOT agriculture model is addressed with a wireless network.

Keywords: Fuzzy soft topological space; 𝛾-𝜏-separate set; 𝛾-𝜏-disconnected set; 𝛾-𝜏-connected set Internet of farm Things; Cloud computing; Humidity and temperature sensor; Soil moister sensor.


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