December 2019, Vol. 2, Issue 12, p. 71-74.​​

On the Baire’s Category Theorem as an Important Tool in General Topology and Functional Analysis
Amos Otieno Wanjara
Kaimosi Friends University College, School of Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Science, P.O BOX 385-50309, Kaimosi-Kenya.
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The problems connected with Topological spaces, Metric spaces, Banach spaces, Boundedness and continuous mappings lie at the heart of Baire’s Category theorem. In this paper, we give a short survey on some classical results due to the Baire’s Category theorem in the field of general Topology and Functional analysis.

Keywords: Category; Interior of asset; empty interior; Baire space; open mapping; locally compact Hausdorff space; Metric space.


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