International Journal of Modern Computation, Information and Communication Technology

ISSN 2581-5954

July 2018, Vol. 1, Issue 2, pp. 45-50.​​

Automated Attendance Management by Facial Recognition Using Histogram     
M. Gayathri, S. Jothi, A. Chandrasekar*
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai - 600119. India.
*Corresponding author’s e-mail:      


Face recognition is the identification of humans by the unique characteristics of their Faces. Face recognition technology is the least intrusive and fastest growing technology and also proves to be the easier tool for certain works. It works with the most obvious individual identifier the human face .This research aims at providing a system to automatically record the students’ attendance during lecture hours in a hall or room using facial recognition technology instead of the traditional manual methods. The objective behind this research is to thoroughly study the field of facial recognition by image processing which is very important and is used in various applications like identification and detection. This system is been implemented with 4 modules namely Image Capturing, Segmentation of group photo (Face Detection), Face comparison (Recognition), Updating of Attendance in database.

Keywords: Histogram; Haar Cascade; Face detection; Face Comparison.


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